About Our Family

Our family contains the following branches


The Hershfeld (also spelled as Hirschfeld, Hirshfeld, Herszfeld, Gerszfeld and many other spellings) family that originated in Wysokie Mazowieckie and later Grajewo and Rutki Kossaki in NE Poland. Boruch Herszfeld was born in Wysokie Mazowieckie on February 12, 1840 to Leib (presumably his full name was Yitzchok Aryeh the name given to his grandson) born circa 1813 possibly in Wysokie Mazowieckie and Rochel Leah (see the tree). The family name Hershfeld was probably based on Leib's fathers name Tzvi. We descend from Leib's gransdon Yitzchok Aryeh (see tree)

Cukiert / Tzukert

The Cukiert family originated in Warszawa, Poland. On August 5 1857 Efrayim Fishel Cukert married Rochel Mindel Bachrach the granddaughter of Rabbi Arye Leib Bachrach who was the Rabbi of Grajewo and moved there.
On July 30, 1896 Yitzchok Aryeh married Efrayim Fishel's daughter Miriam Cukert. After Miriam's death on January 6, 1900, Yitzchok Aryeh remarried Miriam's younger sister Pesha Sima on February 18, 1902.


Our Bachrach family descended from Rabbi Tuviah (Tobias) Bachrach who was martyred in a blood libel in Ruzhana in 1659. The Da'as Kedoshim contains details on the story and a family genealgy.

to be continued.